Solving complex
pricing problems

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What problems do we solve?


  1. What price should I set for my product or service to maximise revenues and profitability?
  2. How can I take a price increase without risking volumes or losing customers?
  3. How do we implement more profitable marketing, sales and negotiation programs?
  4. How can we sell and negotiate more effectively when dealing with procurement?


  1. How do I transform the culture of my business from a cost plus commodity mindsets to a more profitable value based sales and pricing culture?
  2. How can we generate management alignment and buy into a new pricing strategy?
  3. How do we develop internal pricing team capability?


  1. How can we develop the right pricing structures to maximise revenue and profitability?
  2. Can we redesign our revenue model to improve revenues and profitability?
  3. Can we analyse our data more effectively to uncover hidden margin opportunities?

How do we solve these problems?

Pricing Insight


Diagnostics – in depth analysis of the business across pricing operations and sales history by product/service and customer.


Strategy workshop sessions – practical programs to get your team aligned to the right pricing strategy. Implementation of quick wins and longer term strategic initiatives.

Price Optimisation

Algorithmic Price Optimisation – implementation of a sophisticated pricing algorithm that maximise revenues and margins for earnings growth.


Pricing Education – empowerment of your team to make more profitable pricing decisions using advanced adult learning techniques.

Who do we help?

We help Fortune 500 and ASX Listed companies, Private Equity Owned portfolio companies, and family owned businesses. Our clients are located across Australia and internationally. We are proud to have worked with companies based in the USA, UK, Germany and New Zealand.

Each of these businesses has been successful over time but now face challenges that stem from unmanageable pricing complexity.

This may be due to:

  • mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity
  • rapid growth, and entry into new markets
  • the introduction of new systems such as SAP or Oracle
  • pressure from aggressive procurement led customers
  • threats from new market entrants.

What we find is that each business does manage to implement pricing well in some areas. They may have good governance or delegation of authority (DOA) limits in place. They may also have a good business model with natural monopolies that protect them from customers switching easily.

However upon closer inspection, we inevitably find some outages, particularly in the areas of pricing tactics, pricing structures and management alignment. By far the most significant area that needs attention is understanding value and how to take this knowledge and transform it into high-revenue high-margin sales. This is where Pricing Insight can help you.

Pricing Insight have developed a framework of identifying value specific for your business that can be scaled out to impact your market, sales, negotiation and pricing strategy. This framework is so powerful that it has been used by many varied industries across products, services and in B2B and B2C markets.

Case Studies

The Pricing Insight Process

To determine if we may be able to work together to produce the required results we follow an 8 step process outline below:

Step 1. Initial enquiry [phone call or email]

Step 2. Issue and completion of New Client briefing document

Step 3. Conference call or skype meeting to go through your specific commercial risk and opportunities using the New Client Briefing document as a starting point.

Step 4. Development of proposed program of work

Step 5. Review and sign off on proposed program

Step 6. Agree final dates, timings and mechanics of program

Step 7. Program implementation

Step 8. Post program implementation review


Fitness First
Adelaide Brighton
Advent Partners
Barbeques Galore
Boston Scientific
Cater Holt Harvey
Learning Seat
Michael Hill
Stuart Alexander

Success Stories

Pricing Insight has worked with over 110 companies across multiple industries with a diverse range of business and revenue models.

Whether it is List price and discount, dynamic pricing, bid and tender pricing in B2B or recommended retail prices or subscription pricing in B2C markets we have been able to develop solutions that drive gross margin improvements and earnings growth.

Our scorecard:

Pricing Insight have helped:

  • a stationery outsourcing company generate $6.8M on addressable revenues of $80M
  • an office consumables outsourcing company generate $1.6M on addressable revenues of $20M
  • a transport company find $8.2M on addressable revenues of $600M
  • a building materials company find $5.2M on addressable revenues of $270M
  • a building materials company find $1.3M on addressable revenues of $20M
  • a medical technology company find $2.7M on addressable revenues of $40M
  • an ASX listed retailer find $2.3M on addressable revenues of $127M


Private Equity

Advent Partners

Pricing Insight were engaged by Advent Partners to assist in developing pricing and margin strategies for several of our investee companies. In one case they helped us generate an incremental EBITDA lift of 20% through the application of sophisticated price modelling techniques.

Food Technology


I can highly recommend Ron Wood and his team at Pricing Insight. We have worked with them for 3 years and the knowledge gained by my team has been absolutely measured on our bottom line.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods


Ron Wood is an exceptional strategist. Ron’s asymmetrical approach to problem solving combined with his ability to immediately identify the key components that should be integrated into his financial models is a tribute to Ron’s vision, creativity and intellect.

Learning Software

Learning Seat

I just want to say thanks for all the hard work, effort and strategic thinking you have put into helping us develop our value-based sales model. Your ability to declutter our pricing and to help our team better understand the value of the solutions they are selling, and risks associated with clients not using our services will be invaluable to us going forward.

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