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Pricing Insight is a team of specialist B2B and B2C pricing strategy advisors.

We help innovative and action-oriented CEOs improve profitability.

How we do it

  1. Diagnostics – A qualitative and quantitative program to reduce margin risks, identify pricing opportunities and gain control of the two most highly leveraged assets in your business – people and pricing.
  2. Price Optimisation – Our value-based algorithmic approach to price setting will generate 200-900 base margin points across 30-50% of your company’s addressable revenues.
  3. Price Training and Education– Our customised professional development programs will help your teams to make substantially more profitable pricing decisions.

Our Philosophy

Pricing Insight is not another big consulting firm.

We are specialist pricing experts with 25+ years of industry experience.

We simplify complex pricing challenges using a systematic and structured approach to pricing strategy. These tools will allow you to focus on leading your business through the next phase of growth.

We work across industries and have extensive experience in B2B industrial markets for both products and services.

We have also undertaken many price optimisation programs for Retail, FMCG and Service-based companies.

Regardless of industry, our approach is customised to suit your specific business needs.

We use tested and proven methodologies to teach and implement the required competencies and capabilities your business needs to improve margins.

Our Business Model

The Pricing Insight business model is built on empowering staff within your company to make more profitable pricing decisions.

We do this by:

  • Making sure your team recognises understands the issues
  • Training your team to develop skills to problem-solve; and
  • Coaching them to be accountable to implement pricing strategy in a structured way.

This approach sets us apart.

Traditionally, a team of pricing consultants might spend 12 weeks on-site, and deliver a presentation containing a series of recommendations that may or may not be followed up.

Pricing Insight recognises that pricing is a complex and ongoing process.

We recognise that a profitable pricing strategy requires your whole team to be on the same page.

Case Studies


Fitness First
Adelaide Brighton
Advent Partners
Barbeques Galore
Boston Scientific
Cater Holt Harvey
Learning Seat
Michael Hill
Stuart Alexander

Featured Resources


Customer Value Discovery

Customer Value Discovery

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Value Pricing and Selling Concepts

Value Pricing and Selling Concepts

It’s not what you sell. It’s who you sell to, and why are they buying.   Value Pricing is about setting the price based on the value to the buyer. Pricing power is more often a function of who you sell to—not what you are selling. The same item for one customer may be...

Eleven Margin Levers To  Improve  Profitability

Eleven Margin Levers To Improve Profitability

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We are specialist pricing strategy experts with more than 20 years of experience working with teams across multiple industries.

Building Materials
Corporate Services
Medical Technology

Pricing Insight is dedicated to helping companies find margin and revenue improvement opportunities. Pricing can be challenging and complex. Our job is to help make pricing strategy easy to understand, and most importantly, implement.